I take chances, I make mistakes, I learn from the past, I pursue what I enjoy and let the rest slot into place. I fall in love with passing strangers at least ten times a day. I like strong tea and weak coffee, cheese and ham toasties and Doctor Who. I don't have a favourite colour, I like the word 'twat' and I don't ever think before I speak. My mood fluctuates hourly, nothing makes me happier than a heartfelt cuddle and everything turns me on. I'll try everything once but incest and morris dancing. I have a foul sense of humour. I'm not actually funny, I'm just really mean and people think I'm joking.

My Declan ♥

"You're entirely bonkers. But I'll tell you a secret, all the best people are."

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Anonymous :
Not even Gaz?

Oh great, your fixation with Gaz is back. No, I haven’t given anybody the link, Gaz is included in that surprisingly enough.

Anonymous :
Does anybody read it though?

Unless they happened to guess the URL, I’ve given nobody the link so I imagine not.

Anonymous :
How many are following you/are you following on your private blog?

0 and 0, which is the way I’d like it to stay.

Anonymous :
What's the link to your private Tumblr?

If I posted it then it wouldn’t be very private, would it?

Deleting Tumblr..

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Been the best past 5 or so days ever. January, you have been very, very good to me. Just been on such a natural high it’s unreal :D Tesco with Mum and Luke was hilarious, was so happy that we just skipped around singing Ridin’ Solo, telling the whole of Tesco that tuna and pineapple makes sperm taste night, telling Mum that I considered getting room spray from Molton Spa to ‘stop my room from smelling like teenager and farts’ before some gorgeous bloke turned around and goes “…That’s lovely, that is.” Giggggggggggles. Then the guy on the till was hot and everything was just WONDERFUL.

Oh.. diet starts today too wahooooooooooo ♥

Had a good weekend. Went to London on Saturday with Alex. Got the tube to Oxford circus and spent a few hours shopping there and then the tube to Shepherd’s Bush to go to Westfield (the huuuuuuuuuuuuge shopping centre) and spent £150 in River Island, £110 in Hollister, £80 in Topshop, £80 in the body shop and £10 on candles. Then got the tube back to Waterloo and the train home. Made best friends with Japanese tourists who were taking pictures of themselves in the mirror, got accidently punched in the face on the train home by an Asian lady, made friends with a woman on the train cos she liked the smell of my Ed Hardy perfume and ended up exchanging life stories, convinced ourselves that the underground had demons in it, fell temporarily in love with two Polish guys, got sold candles by Louis Spence and YEAH. Then got the train home, went back to mine to drop all my bags off and then went to Alex’s, got Farmhouse pizza and watched a few films. Then crashed out in Charlotte’s bed watching Peter Pan til I fell asleep. Woke up this morning at like midday and then watched every episode of sun, sex and suspicious parents, had a heart to heart with Alex and then planned our holiday in Ibiza. Kewl.

Up super early, going to get ready and then trek up to Bracknell station for 10, get a travel card for the day and go up to London with Alex, go to either the zoo or aquarium and then maybe London dungeons if we’re feeling extra cheeky and then find a shop that sells good cameras and waste £500 in there and then get the tube to Camden and spendspendspend with meals of chocolate cream frappucinos and whatever fancy restaurant we come across. 

Guys with good dress sense = major major turn on.

Ahhhh you make me so happy and you have absolutely no idea.

The awesome moment when you realise that you’re alone at work and you work in a dental surgery so you unlock the door to the surgery, sit on the chair with the remote control going up and down continuously until you get bored. MY LIFE > YOURS.